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*Draglyttes are a very close cousin to dragons, with a few distinct differences. Each Draglytte is totally unique and hand hatched from polymer clay in my home. I am blessed to be the only human given the task of caring for the young draglyttes until they find their guardian. They have individual personalities, traits, coloration, and abilities. Some breathe fire or magically disappear before your eyes, some tend to be quiet, others are a bit noisy, some are cat-like while others share traits with dogs, many seem almost human. Draglyttes reveal their individual characteristics and their name as they spend time with their guardian. All Draglyttes have the ability to fly, and they tend to be mischievious, enjoy practical jokes and are a great deal of fun to have around.

*Draglytte Dust

What is Draglytte Dust? Well, it's the most powerful magic Dust in any realm. You see, when a Draglyttes take flight, it leaves behind a trail of magical, sparkling Dust. Only the most skilled faeries, elves, and Draglytte caretakers are able to gather it. Draglyttes are very protective of their Dust and who they permit to collect this extremely powerful substance. When the pure of heart have it in their possession, the Dust can be used to accomplish wonderful things, but when it falls into the wrong hands it can be used for great evil acts. It is so powerful that most of the time merely having it in a glass jar is enough to make good things happen. If there comes a time in your life when you are fortunate enough to have Draglytte Dust, please use it with great care and protect it from falling into evil hands.